Threshold (UK) – Australian Tour 2020

Threshold (UK) – Australian Tour 2020

With Glynn Morgan stamping his vocal authority all over the new album, it seems that the magical chemistry that has always been a major part of Threshold’s appeal has already started to fizz and flicker around the band’s freshly retooled line-up.

The release of Legends Of The Shires will be followed by a sustained flurry of live shows, as Glynn returns to the stage with his old compadres and takes the many-splendored delights of the new album to the masses, not to mention some choice cuts from Psychedelicatessen, the album that first brought Glynn’s incredible voice to our attention. As far as Richard West is concerned, the future for these dogged veterans has never seemed brighter. The legend continues…

Event Information

  385 Murray Street, Perth
}  June 02, 2020
  Tuesday, 19:30 to 23:00


   Amplifier, Perth

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