Insomnia Industry Ball 2019

Insomnia Industry Ball 2019

INSOMNIA proudly presents the inaugural 2019 Insomnia Industry Ball.

The Insomnia Industry Ball is a once a year opportunity for all members of the hospitality and nightlife industry to let their hair down and party together. It is the one time a year where newcomers and veterans of the nightlife & hospitality industry can come together and celebrate as a collective.

Enter a world where civilization as we know it has come to an end.

Has a deadly virus taken over the world? Have the machines finally risen to enslave humanity? Has a nuclear war ravaged the earth? Have alien’s finally decimated the human race? or have we returned to our primal instincts to race cars like Mad Max in the desert? Expect to encounter many exotic creatures, people and the unexplainable phenomenon as you traverse this barren wilderness of Insomnia’s wasteland.

📅/// WHEN \\\📅
9pm till 5am

🏠/// WHERE \\\🏠
Capitol / Amplifier
393 Murray St, Perth WA

An industry ball would not be complete without a healthy collection of Perth’s industry DJ’s and artists. Different entertainment will play various styles of music throughout different rooms ranging from dance music to RnB

Additionally, expect to be entertained by dancers, fire twirlers, roving performers, the Perth Nightlife Monopoly Board and other random wasteland encounters.

DJ’s & Artists:
Dj Ben Renna
Mind Electric

More to be announced…

– Entertainment Lineup to be announced 24.05.19

🚧/// THEME \\\🚧
Post Apocalyptic

Burning Man, Mad Max, Fallout, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, Planet of the Apes, Hunger Games, The Matrix, Terminator, Escape from LA, Waterworld.

Theme ideas can be found on our Instagram page.

🚑/// THEME SAFETY \\\🚑
With this theme, we do anticipate that as part of patron’s costumes there maybe fake weaponry. Please note that no dangerous or sharp costume props will be allowed into the venue e.g. firearms, axes, blades or any other object deemed unsafe by Security.

Two ticket sale options are available, General Admission and Industry Tickets (LIMITED). If you are apart of the hospitality industry then please liaise with your manager about receiving a discount code for your workplace. Alternatively please reach out to Insomnia via email.


***Terms & Conditions Apply***

💲/// TICKET RE-SALE \\\💲
If you’re buying or selling second hand tickets, Tixel is the only safe way to do so to prevent scamming and scalping.

✏️/// CONTACT \\\✏️
Any questions regarding sponsorship, bottle service, media or general inquiries please contact us via the following social media and email platforms

📖Facebook: Insomnia
📸Instagram: @insomnia_ball

Event Information

  393 Murray Street, Perth, 6000, WA, Australia
}  June 24, 2019 To June 25, 2019
  Monday, 21:00 to 05:00
    Available at Eventbrite


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